Dandelion Forest School and Philosophy-Led Nursery

Dandelion Education Ltd is the first entirely outdoors nursery in Britain, to combine both the img_4321approaches of Philosophy for Children (P4C), and Forest School together in a unique approach to learning and development. P4C is at the heart of it’s curriculum and the benefits of P4C are evident in the dialogues the children have img_3916together in play, and in the feedback from discussions at home.

Dandelion was thus thrilled and honoured to have their work recognized by SAPERE, and to be the first sapere-logo-bronzeorganisation in Norfolk and Suffolk to be awarded a Bronze SAPERE award. Dandelion is happily on it’s way to fulfilling the Silver award criteria.

Extract from the Dandelion website on P4C:

At Dandelion Education, we believe that ALL children should be taught how to think, and not what to think: Our favourite question is: WHY?

Using the P4C approach, your child will be encouraged to engage in rich and meaningful dialogue with peers and trained adults who are sensitive to your child’s needs and their individual stage of development. Together, they will share varied stimuli in a small group; stimulus such as: the environment, books, images, music and objects. The individual is then given time to reflect on their own thinking before being asked open questions. It is the adult’s role to support and extend the group’s dialogue, allowing each child to apply their own learning and experiences, enabling them to discuss and understand the world, each other and themselves, in a deep and enriching manner. 

Founded and managed by qualified teachers, with over 30 collective years of teaching experience, Hayleimg_4194y and Emma know that children thrive in stimulating environments where they are free to play, explore, imagine and learn. They are passionate about their unique ethos, believing that all img_3987children deserve fun and meaningful learning experiences; days that are filled with care, laughter and discovery, where they are free to develop their own interests, to engage in meaningful dialogues and learn at a pace that suits them. This is the experience that Hayley and Emma wanted for their own children, so they created Dandelion Education.

Hayley Staniforth-Room and Emma Harwood


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