International Community of Enquiry

What is the International Community of Enquiry?  

P4C schools around the world exchange enquiry stimuli and share the questions and concepts that come out of the enquiry with each other online. SAPERE started this pilot initiative in the summer 2016.

Which schools are involved?       

Enquiry stimuli that the schools used:

Gym Jumping Boy for ages 9 – 11 (A Japanese boy age 4 attempts to jump large gymnastics horse, and gets some help from his friends)

Beegu for ages 4 – 7 (Animation based on the book Beegu by Alexis Deacon)

More about the schools involved:

Cath Rathbone in Florida, USA has made this wonderful 3 minute video on the theme of Love in her P4C sessions and how she turned one enquiry into a year long cycle of P4C sessions:

Fortune Kindergarten International School, Dongfang, Shanghai:  4 year old girl votes whether spiders, bad dreams, dark nights or needles are scarier in P4C session:

P4C at Broadgreen Primary, Liverpool

Video from the Liverpool Healthy Schools P4C project featuring Broadgreen Primary:

P4C at Bow School, London

Student and teacher video on the impact of P4C:

P4C at Manorfield and Bow Schools, London

Case study of joint primary-secondary P4C transition project

How can I take part?

Contact us on


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